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Basic Steps
  1. Click on grey lock icon (in upper right corner) and fill in your LDAP name and password.
  2. Choose a Quick Search Resource set which you want to search.
  3. Enter your search query (eg. author, title or keyword).
  4. Click the OK button.
  5. After processing your query (it can take up to 60 seconds) you can work with search results.

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What is the Information Gateway of Charles University

Charles University federated search (MetaLib) offers to students and teachers uniform access to many free and licensed information resources.

  • Who is allowed to work with MetaLib

Every user is allowed to search in free resources in MetaLib. To be allowed to search also licensed databases (for example Ebsco, Proquest etc.) you need to login. Only students, teachers and employees of the Charles University are able to login.

Without login you can search only free information resources. Access to licensed resources is managed based on the faculty you belong to. You do not have access to resources licensed to other faculties. For the login you need to have student, teacher or employee card of Charles University where you find (under photo) LDAP ID (see card information).


  • Which information resources are connected to MetaLib

In MetaLib there are available for you scientific fulltext databases (journal article databases, electronic archives of thesis etc.), digital collections, university and scientific library catalogues, bibliographic databases and search engines. Actual list of free and licensed information resources connected to MetaLib is here.

  • How are information resources organised

All information resources in MetaLib are divided into two main groups: primary information resources (in which you can get to full text of the article or other electronic file) and bibliographic information resources (where you gather information about primary resources - for example bibliographic record of book with information about location of the book in library). You can search these two categories by one query in QuickSearch.


  • What is MetaLib

MetaLib is a software tool which provides search engine function of Information Gateway.

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